Why Choose Everley Inspection Services?

Inspection and Testing Services for Buyers, Sellers and Property Owners

Our all-inclusive inspection services cater to buyers and sellers—as well as current owners. In other words, anyone who wants to know more about the building they are thinking of buying, selling, or currently owning and/or living in will find value in our extensive residential and commercial inspection and testing services!

Licensed & Certified

We are NC licensed residential and commercial inspectors, who also provide Mold, Radon and Water testing.

Competitive Pricing

We are some of the most affordable home inspectors in the area!

Friendly & Professional

We inspect and convey findings in a calm, professional manner.

15+ Years Experience

We have over 15 years combined residential/commercial inspection and construction experience.


Everley Inspection Services adheres to North Carolina’s Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics.

Detailed Reporting

Our inspections are thorough and we take the time to walk you through your report.

Looking for the Best Residential and Commercial Inspection Service in Hickory, NC?

You’ve come to the right place! Everley Inspection Services inspects every inch of the property, including the roof, structural, electrical, air conditioning and plumbing. We climb underneath in the crawl space and up above in the attic unless there is absolutely no room. We check the interior and the exterior of all dwellings, including decks, etc. Lastly, we will notify you of every item which may have a cause for concern.

Residential/Commercial Inspection Reports

You will receive a detailed professional inspection report within 24 hours of the inspection. There will be a photo and a description of every item which needs concern. There can be major issues—even in gorgeous homes—and we will be looking for them. Don’t be surprised if we find 20 to 30 items needing attention! Most of these will be minor, but we include them, so you know what you are buying (or selling). Many times they take little effort to fix.

Our residential/commercial inspection reports are easy to read. We also include a summary of items in need of repair. This way if you plan to ask the Seller to do the repairs or give you credit, you can easily provide them with our inspection report.

Home and Deck Inspections in Hickory, NC

Professional Home Inspection

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